The Vision of Life Ladder

A job or career ladder is a sequence of positions that is designed to guide employees in progressing from the most junior to the most senior positions within a job family. Most common in hierarchical organizations, it provides objective standards for specific job levels that are useful in hiring, developing and promoting employees. An effective job ladder is based on the knowledge, skills and abilities required for each position or rung along the ladder.  An effective design includes lateral as well as promotional moves, with multiple entry points for early and mid-career new hires.  Life Ladder has a similar aim to allow people to climb the career ladder.

Life Ladder's goal is to build a framework that provides the career training, personal development, and community support framework that will allow people with the right attitude to take control of their own destiny!   Those living in a dead end existence due to lack of opportunity and formal education can over time launch a career that can sustain them and others that start the program after them.  Life ladder is not a charity but a social entrepreneurship venture designed to sustain itself while growing new self sustaining leaders in the community.

The project is currently in the pre-planning phase; check back soon for new developments.